This incredibly talented dog will put your soccer skills to shame


Two year old Alfie is so talented he has been named Ronaldog. The crossbreed can dribble at speed, balance a full size football on his head while sprinting, bounce the ball off his body onto his head and even side step a ball to confuse his opponent.

He lives with the Simpkins family based in Cheltenham, Peter Simpkins said:

“Alfie truly is our wonder dog. Not only is he a fantastic family pet, he has football skills I rarely see humans possess, never mind a dog.

“We first noticed his one-of-a-kind talent when he took a shine to my daughter’s footballs in the garden, which at the time were the same size as him.It was so funny watching this tiny dog trying to control a ball, but within a few days he had mastered the art of dribbling and controlling the ball in one-on-one tackles.

“At two years old Alfie now has talent more commonly seen in the Champions League. His skills are just amazing. He’s even been known to ‘nutmeg’ me and I can never get a ball off him. He’s incredible, especially as we’ve never trained him. It’s all natural skill!”

Passersby often stop to watch and applaud the wonder dog they also call Pele.

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